Updated Tuesday September 4, 2018 by St. Clare of Assisi SLCYC.

Welcome to St. Clare of Assisi’s new registration system!

Change was made to align with the St. Louis Archdiocese.

Registration is open for 3rd Grade through 8th Grade Boys and Girls 2014-2015 Basketball:

  1. Create a new account.  Set up all family members (adults and children).  If you are coaching (head or assistant) please enter your coaching ID.  St. Louis CYC wants ID’s on all rosters.
  2. Register for all open sports at once for all family members.  You can check out once.
  3. All SCA Athletic participants’ families are obligated to participate in one fish fry shift. Exceptions:
    • Head coaches
    • 1st Assistant Coach (head coach will select)
    • SCAAA Board Members
    • Fish Fry Committee Members
    • Or anyone who has paid the $125 fee to opt out.

New this year!  You Spoke, We Listened!

  • Choose your fish fry date and shift.
  • This is on a first come, first serve basis. There are a select number of slots for each date and shift. Shifts will close when full.
  • Every family has the option to register for fish fry while registering their children for athletic programs or they can wait.  The last date to choose your fish fry date and shift will be December 31st, 2014.  If you have not selected a date and shift by this date, the Fish Fry Committee will assign you a date and shift.
  • The option to buy out of Fish Fry duty is always their. The cost is $125.00.
  • Failure to work fish fry or buy out will result in your family being locked out of the registration system for future sports.